5 Questions with Amil Dua

: an interview by Hibiscus Three with Nicky Daniel (Owner, Amil Dua) for #IWD2022 #BreakTheBias

Concluding our Spotlight on PNG Women in Social Impact series for #IWD2022, we had a quick chat to recent collaborating partner for the Hibiscus Three Essentials merchandise range. Asking 5 questions of small business Owner, Ms Nicky Daniel, we learn more about the creativity process and terrific work of the team at Amil Dua.

Hibiscus Three: Describe Amil Dua in 5 words

Nicky Daniel : Cultural, Adventure, Creative, Exploration, Family

HT: For the Hibiscus Three x Amil Dua Essentials Tote 2022 collaboration - can you briefly describe your process to us:

ND: The tote bag was made with two different types of fabrics; light maroon messian and Faded Pretty Pink Floral Print. The inspiration came from Hibiscus Three’s logo color, pink.

I had various designs of the bag sketched, around 6 of them, but for the first attempt of our collaboration, I chose the two vertical layers (of two prints) style.

I used the Hessian plain maroon at the bottom and floral print at the top. The tote was big and spacious and perfect for a market bag. And if it is used for marketing, the bottom plain hard layer is better than using the printed floral layer as the bottom part.

It holds the weight of items and if it is dirty, it can be easily washed off.

HT: Can you share some of the values/philosophies and inspiration that you bring to your creative process?

I think my inspiration stems from the fact that I am a deep lover of Art. I love music, I love painting and I love clothing, I love fashion, I love style. Anything that is brought to life for people to consume, to enjoy, to feel happy and good about, that involves time, effort and creativity, is definitely something I value and respect. I want to be part of that process too, and therefore I am doing this tailoring/clothing.

In the future, as we grow, I would like Papua New Guinean man and women to proudly dress up too in style and most importantly feel comfortable about it, that is Amil Dua.

Beyond that, Amil Dua is about supporting people to recognize and acknowledging their inner potential to take charge of their own development using their skills and limited resources available to them.

This is inspired by my background as community development worker over 5 years.

I have started already with supporting my younger sisters who have fallen out of the formal education system. These girls are now very skilled in simple art work like crocheting and slowly getting hold of sewing.

Using the skills acquired, they are able to create outcomes that can positively impact their lives. This will continue and I am really happy about this vision I have for Amil Dua.

HT: What are you working on at the moment, and what can we expect to see from Amil Dua in 2022?

ND: Apart from the Meri Blouses, my goal this year is to do;

  1. Throw Overs Collection –Kimono, Light Cardigans and Coats

  2. Sleep Wear Collection

  3. Tote Bags Collection

I have started already and will continue. All of these collections are for women. I love coats, bags and sleepwear so this is where I will start.

Most of the prints will be culturally inspired prints. I love authentic tribal PNG prints and I would promote it whenever I have the chance to do so. Furthermore, the color choices of these collections will be inspired by my love for nature and outdoor. You will expect to see earthier, faded colors. For fabric type; soft cotton, canvas, linen and silk satin for sleep wear.

HT: Where can friends of Hibiscus Three find Amil Dua products?

ND: Amil Dua is home based. However, you can find us on most of the social media platforms:

  1. Facebook Profile: Amil Dua

  2. Facebook Page: Amil Dua

  3. Instagram: Amil Dua

  4. TikTok: Amil Dua

All our work is advertised through these platforms.

You can also email amildua2020@gmail.com and WhatsApp 75896760 for enquiries or to place your orders.


For purchase in Port Moresby only:

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