Call for Short Stories: Science Fiction and Fantasy from Papua New Guinea

submissions now open for Hibiscus Three Anthology Series: Volume 1 by Dr Kirsten McGavin

Hibiscus Three is pleased to announce that the submissions round for the Hibiscus Three Anthology Series Volume 1, has now opened to Papua New Guinean writers.

Created and led by Dr Kirsten McGavin, writers are invited to submit a Short Story with a theme of Science Fiction and Fantasy. " Think space travel, spaceships, time travel, robots, aliens, advanced technology (perhaps anachronistically), mutants, masalai, clones etc" as Dr McGavin offers some guidance. "Stories should—at least partially—be set in a version of Papua New Guinea (whether real, imagined, mythological, virtual, past, present, future or stylised etc.) and/or feature a protagonist who is Papua New Guinean."

Writers are requested to submit a 350 -500 words synopsis of their short story by 1 November 2021, for consideration by the Project leader and Editor - Dr McGavin. Please note the key dates listed below.

Papua New Guinean writers interested in contributing their work to be published in the Hibiscus Three Anthology Series Volume 1 can access the full submission guidelines by reading the pdf below.

pdf.Science Fiction and Fantasy from PNG - Call for short stories
Download PDF • 108KB

Alternatively, please refer to the gallery below:

Pictured: summary of the submissions guidelines, reading L-R


1 October - 1 November

Writers are invited to submit 350-500 word synopsis of their Short Story for consideration.

30 November

Authors formally notified of their Short Story acceptance

15 January 2022

Full chapters due. 3,000 - 5,000 word in length. Submissions written in English and Tok Pisin welcome. Don't be afraid to use tokples words/phrases/terminology where relevant.

Please send all enquiries and submissions with the subject line 'Science Fiction and Fantasy Anthology from PNG' to:

Picture: Dr Kirsten McGavin- Project Leader and Editor: Hibiscus Three Anthology Series, Volume 1

and follow Dr Kirsten McGavin on Instagram: @kirsten.mcgavin .


The Hibiscus Three Anthology Series is an initiative by Hibiscus Three, supporting book projects led and created by Papua New Guinean writers. Volume 1 's theme ' Science Fiction and Fantasy from Papua New Guinea' will be steered by Dr Kirsten McGavin, delivered in collaboration with other Papua New Guinean writers, and published as a book by Hibiscus Three.

If you are a Papua New Guinean writer with an Anthology book project concept in mind, please send a brief proposal to: .


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