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Updated: Sep 30, 2021

26.9: celebrating one year of the home of #hibiscusthreecommunity

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hibiscus: the flower that reminds her of home (Papua New Guinea)

three : for her 3 children who are a significant part of her writing and creative life


publish , promote, and strive for social impact by encouraging, investing in, creating and supporting opportunities for Papua New Guinean writers.

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Today marks a culmination of ideas, experiences and countless words written across eight years, as I navigated my way towards creating this (for me; magical) online space. I feel incredibly fortunate to have figured out early on that to develop my writing to a level I envision, I would thrive alongside collaboration; a community.

I wrote about in 2014, when I entered the Essay category of a national literary competition for Papua New Guineans. I didn't win, and I haven't written as satirically since, but I've included it below ; for a belly laugh, reflection, and hopefully unite us in agreement that working together and supporting each other as as Papua New Guineans writers and readers of our wantoks' creative writing, may just be the path to ensuring Papua New Guinean-authored books about Papua New Guinea - land and people, are indeed published.

Regis Stella's 'Imagining the Other' remains a key text in my approach of urgency in involving Papua New Guineans to speak by way of writing for ourselves, about ourselves. Whilst I attribute my steady pursuit of independent publishing to the powerful messaging delivered by Lani Wendt Young, in her NZ Book Council Lecture; Stories from the Wild; Reading and Writing in the Digital Age.

Thank you to #hibiscusthreecommunity for participating, sharing and uplifting all the Papua New Guinean writers and creatives whom access hibiscusthree.com as a space to share, communicate and contribute to #buildingliteraturepng . Enjoy this post, enjoy looking back on the incredible year we've had, what we're looking forward to in the coming year. Make sure to read on to the end :)

- Rashmii Bell, Hibiscus Three


It has been an absolute privilege for Hibiscus Three to be able to connect, read and share the work of these incredibly talented Papua New Guinean writers. poets and playwright.

Top L -R: Thyatira Kauapa, Vinzealhar Nen, Abigail E Seta, Duncan Gabi, Betty Chapau, Pearl Walters, Betty Wakia, Andrew Kulinasi, Dr Kirsten McGavin, Mary Terriette Aseari, Julia Tubang, Roberta Tonar, Helen Anderson, Amelia John, Haddassha Tabel, Wallace Nuelani Parimahi, Diane Mirio.


Our website has been integral as host to our Foundation and annual initiative, the Hibiscus Three Publishing Award. Having now delivered the second year of the PNG women-focused initiative, Hibiscus Three is now preparing to announce submissions call out for the 2022 installment. PNG women writers - get your manuscript ready!


Winning Manuscript 2021: Memoir of a Wounded Warrior by Vinzealhar Nen

now available in Ebook edition for purchase here

Winning Manuscript 2020: Listen by Thyatira Kaupa

now available in Ebook edition for purchase here


Thank you to Papua New Guinean creative brand Kalapua, and Kokomo Industries, for stocking the Hibiscus Three Online Shop with their gorgeous ,handmade creations as we launched our Essentials Range:

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We appreciate all our customers whom have purchased items for themselves, their family and friends.

Your purchase has been directly invested into Hibiscus Three to create more opportunities for Papua New Guinean-authored books to be published with our imprint.


We're looking to expand the Hibiscus Three Essentials range with the following:

* bilums (string variety)

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If you are, or know a Papua New Guinean creative, please get in touch with us today to discuss. Click on the button below to send us an email with the subject line ' Essentials Range enquiry'

Thank you to everyone who shared, promoted and purchased from our Small Business Saturday event days throughout December 2021. We look forward to offering another round of fantastic discounts on our services and online shop stock in December 2021.

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Thyatira Kaupa, Emma Wakpi, Betty Wakia, Vinzelahar Nen, Dominca Are, Duncan Gabi, Alphonse Huvi, Dr Kirsten McGavin, Pearl Walters, Abigail E Seta, and Daniel Kumobon are the names that immediately came to mind when asked by our good friend Dr Kirstie Close asked us about the Papua New Guinean writers whom we follow. That was in April this year, and months before we had an opportunity to connect with the other amazing writers we've met since. Follow Dr Kirstie Close on Instagram: @createyourpast, and Tik Tok: @kirstieclose

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Straight off our collaboration with Dr Kirstie Close, we created a Q&A interview series as we asked several of the Papua New Guinean writers whom we follow about their writing life. Again, hibiscusthree.com played host, as writers kindly shared with us:

Betty Wakia

Duncan Gabi

Betty Chapau

Pearl Walters

Dr Kirsten McGavin

Abigail E Seta

Thank you for being a part of #MeAPapuaNewGuineanWriter !

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Hibiscus Three is always excited to receive new writing from Papua New Guinean writers we connect with through our website. We're honoured to include in today's celebration post, new poetry by Papua New Guinean writers: Amelia John Ore and Diane Mirio.

I think she loved too much

She gave her heart to the first boy who told her she's beautiful

(but he noticed her beauty)

she fell deeply for people constrained between the words from a writer's mind spilled on crinkled pages

(but they saved her from lonley nights)