Happy 46th Independence Day, Papua New Guinea


Hibiscus Three would like to wish our online community of writers, readers and supporters along with all Papua New Guineans, a very Happy 46th year of Independence. We wish you all wonderful day of celebrations, rest and reflection on this very special day for our nation.

Later today, we are pleased to launch Writers Exhibition PNG46 on our website. This pilot initiative by Hibiscus Three, was created with the support of the online exhibition's featured guests. In producing this celebration event, Hibiscus Three is most appreciative and delighted to have had the talented and creative collaboration of of ten Papua New Guinean writers:

Andrew Kuliniasi

Helen Anderson

Joyce Apelis Nindivi

Julia Tubang

Wallace Neualani Parimahi

Roberta Tonar

Mary Terriette Aseari

Thyatira Kaupa

Vinzealhar Nen

Haddassha Tabel

We thank this wonderful collective of Papua New Guinean writers, and do hope you enjoy Writers Exhibition PNG46!

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