a new initiative by Hibiscus Three to support Papua New Guinean-led book projects

Friday 1 October 2021 saw the latest installment of Hibiscus Three's literary initiatives , focused on encouraging the inclusion and participation of Papua New Guinean writers in publishing.

The newly launched Hibiscus Three Anthology Series is the second major initiative by the small, independent publisher. Hibiscus Three began operating in 2020 and is headed by Founder/Owner and Papua New Guinean author, Rashmii Bell.

"Having created and led several PNG-focused book projects, I felt it important that my publishing label should provide an avenue of mentoring and project skills support for other Papua New Guinean writers", said Ms Bell. The Anthology Series initiative entails; the book project being created and led by a Papua New Guinean writer, is developed in collaboration with other PNG writers, going on to be published as a book by Hibiscus Three.

On launch day, Hibiscus Three was pleased to announce Dr Kirsten McGavin as the Project Leader & Editor of the first volume of the Anthology Series, themed: Science Fiction and Fantasy from Papua New Guinea.

Picture: Dr Kirsten McGavin, Project Leader & Editor - Hibiscus Three Anthology Series Volume 1

Submissions are now open, with full details and guidelines available here. Papua New Guinean writers are encouraged to submit a Short Story, with Dr McGavin welcoming writing in English and Tok Pisin.

The announcement of the Hibiscus Three Anthology Series follows on from a string of small projects delivered recently by the small publisher, including the Me a Papua New Guinean Writer series, and Writers Exhibition PNG46 in celebration of last

month's 46th PNG Independence Day.

The Anthology Series now stands as the second, annual initiative to be delivered by Hibiscus Three.

In its inaugural year, Hibiscus Three introduced the Hibiscus Three Publishing Award. Established specifically to increase the inclusion and representation of Papua New Guinean women with published books, the Award has supported Thyatira Kaupa to release Listen (2020), and Vinzealhar Nen's debut with Memoir of a Wounded Warrior (2021). The annual Award opens its submissions process toward the end of the year, and announces its Award recipient in line with the global celebrations for International Women's Day on March 8.

Hibiscus Three looks forward to providing additional opportunities to Papua New Guinean writers under the Hibiscus Three Anthology Series initiative. Enquiries and book project concept proposals for Anthology: Volume 2 may be sent here


Show your support for Hibiscus Three by purchasing our Papua New Guinean-authored titles. Your purchase will contribute directly to us creating and providing more opportunities for Papua New Guineans writers to publish their work.

Hibiscus Three Publishing Award 2021

Winning Manuscipt

Memoir of a Wounded Warrior by Vinzealhar Nen

Hibiscus Three Publishing Award 2020

Winning manuscript

Listen by Thyatira Kaupa

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