MEET THE AUTHOR: Thyatira Kaupa

Updated: Apr 2, 2021

(Inaugural Winning Recipient of the Hibiscus Three Publishing Award 2020)

HT: Can you briefly share with us a few facts about yourself? TK: Education wise, I am pursuing a career in Journalism. Personality-wise, I am a regular teenager at most, my earpiece/headphone is close to being a permanent part of my ears at this point, I watch anime at an obsessive unhealthy level, and I love k-drama. I also enjoy playing video games on my free time like PUBG, CODM and Halo. I am soft spoken and not very social in big crowds, however I am hopeful that I grow out of my shell and be more social in the future. Fun fact about my pen name, it was given to me by my mother, Guipe Kaupa, after an ancient city in Greece; it’s a biblical name. I use my mother’s surname in honour of her and my family who have supported me relentlessly. HT: How does writing fit in with your everyday life? I feel like a day is incomplete if I don’t write something down. I have a lot of projects and I am currently working on three different books at the same time, you can find them on my Wattpad Profile, so I would say writing has become a mandatory feature of my everyday life. Not to the point where it becomes a chore; I promised myself that as soon as I see writing as a chore more than a hobby I’d stop writing completely because if I’m not writing with passion than my words lose their value. If you do what you love, you’ll be happy; writing is my happy pill every day. HT: Hibiscus Three admired that your dedication of Listen to your mother. What’s one favourite memory you have the influence your mother has had with your passion for writing? When I wrote my first book on Quotev, it was a fan fiction of course; she made herself an account and would heart every chapter update and comment. At that time she was literally my only reader and although my writing wasn’t exactly plausible, she supported me and was so proud she told me I’d go places with my writing as long as I was consistent. I could have the passion and the talent but it all boils down to hard work. My mother, Guipe Kaupa, is the backbone for my passion in writing. HT: What three words describe your writing style? TK: Emotional. Descriptive. Heavy. HT: What are three key points you’d like readers to know about the poems published in Listen? TK: 1. The poems aren’t a breezy walk in the park on a calm casual Friday. I wrote them with the intention of stirring and evoking dormant or passive thoughts about our nation’s state and the aftermath of colonial influence. 2. All of the poems I enlisted are in the grungy genre, they are blunt, might be offensive to those light hearted, as for the strong willed, it will spark a fire. These poems are my weapons, each stanza sharpens their edges. I fight for justice and I advocate with these poems. 3. I wrote these poems to address contemporary and modern issues faced in Papua New Guinea. HT: Hibiscus Three’s vision is to contribute to expanding published writing by Papua New Guineans, especially PNG women. What are some of your favourite books (or blogs) written by Papua New Guineans? TK: I enjoy reading poems by Vanessa Gordon, and blogs by Duncan Gabi. HT: What are your favourite genres to read for inspiration and help to develop your own writing? Is there anything else that you do to inspire your writing? TK: The genre’s I mostly enjoy are fan fiction, young adult, romance, horror, mystery and thriller. But I developed my skills writing fan fictions for several years. Another inspiration I get is from music, art and nature. There are two fundamental quotes that I draw inspiration from. The first one is a quote from Albert Einsten, he said; “There comes a time in a person’s life where they must stop reading other peoples works and write their own.” The second quote is from Oscar Wilde when he said; “With books, freedom, flowers and the moon, who could not be happy.” HT: Where can readers and other PNG writers find you on social media /website? TK: On Wattpad I use the username ThyatiraKaupa, there you can find most of my books. As for Facebook I have a page where I post poems and updates on my books under the username Thyatira Kaupa, @thepotatothatreads. You can also find me on Instagram, my username is t_kaupa. HT: What’s one tip you have for Papua New Guinean women who might consider submitting their manuscript for Hibiscus Three Publishing Award 2021? TK: Procrastination is the enemy of progression. My tip to Papua New Guinean woman authors who enjoy writing and would like to submit to this amazing publishing award is to just take a leap and go for it. This award gives the winner so many opportunities and boosts one’s credibility. It allows for you to be discovered and recognized for doing an art you love; as writing is an art. Believe in yourselves and polish up those great manuscripts. As the saying goes, “shoot for moon and you’ll be amongst the stars.”

Happy 45th Independence to all Papua New Guineans 🇵🇬 Enjoy your celebrations and keep safe! – hibiscus three

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