In the first year of our literary initiative for Papaua New Guinean women writers, we are extremely encouraged by the positive feedback and interactions with all who embraced the Hibiscus Three Publishing Award 2020.

Hibiscus Three has thoroughly enjoyed working alongside talented, emerging Papua New Guinean writer, Thyatira Kaupa, who was the inaugural Winner and recipient of the Hibiscus Three Publishing Award 2020. We were delighted to release Ms Kaupa's poetry collection 'LISTEN' in Ebook edition on 12 September, and we look forward to paperback copies being available soon for readers.

It has been a positive and extremely encouraging year for the Award. Hibiscus Three looks forward to interacting with, and reading more creative writing by Papua New Guinean women who decide to participate for the publishing opportunity our Award offers in 2021, and fulfilling the social impact vision our imprint is working towards.

The Hibiscus Three Publishing Award 2021 will launch officially on 12 November, 2020.

Full details about the Award will be released at this time.

Sponsorship and collaboration enquiries are welcome via email:

[Image content is from our Meet the Author interview with Thyatira Kaupa. Available to read on our Blog].

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