MEET THE AUTHOR: Vinzealhar Nen

(Winning Recipient of the Hibiscus Three Publishing Award 2021 )

Hibiscus Three: Can you briefly share with us a few facts about yourself?

Vinzealhar Nen: I am from Morobe and Southern Highlands. I am 25years, I have been writing since I was 8years old. Apart from writing I play hockey and was fortunate to have represented PNG on two occasions. I have a son who is ten months old and in a weird way encourages me to write more than I used to.

HT: How does writing fit in with your everyday life?

I write anytime and anywhere. I have a notes application on my phone that I use to write my thoughts. I have up to four different notebooks in my bag everyday to write.

HT: Hibiscus Three admires your advocacy and involvement in raising awareness about the impact of Climate Change, particularly how it is conveyed through your writing. Can you tell us a bit more about this?

VN: I resonate with climate change so much because of my connections to the people of Tarawai Islands in East Sepik Province. I am not musically talented to sing or I am not a qualified journalist and I definitely don't have the finances to help people along the coasts of PNG. But I feel that writing about it gets word out, writing is my escape from the reality that we face that one day our islands will sink and we will have to move.

I've heard stories of Bubus taking their furniture and important items out of a house that had a wave crashing through. I have never experienced it but I feel it. I put myself in the shoes of those who have experienced it, I see erosion along the beaches and it tears me apart knowing that we are the ones ruining our planet. Not necessarily our people but the ones from industrialized countries. Their actions, we face the consequences.

More than anything I want people in PNG to start prioritizing the environment, start prioritizing sustainable practices to prolong our land, to prolong our oceans because we are in the top 10 of nations vulnerable to the effects of climate change.

I write so deeply about it because I feel islanders need climate justice. We do so little yet we feel the bulk of the effects and for what? Some developed nation to enhance the lives of their people? It isn't fair.

HT: What three words describe your writing style:

I've never really thought about that. I'd say, raw meaning I write what's in my heart. Emotional, because half of what I write comes from places of hurt, anger, sadness, sometimes even happiness.

HT: What are three key points you’d like readers to know about your upcoming collection of poems and short story?


  1. Most of everything written comes from experiences I've faced or people who are close to me.

  2. I write things as there are so many things to be told, and be brutally honest.

  3. I write what my heart tells me, so when you read know that I am sharing bits of my heart, experiences, memories and if you are a young woman reading this, read my mistakes and I pray you don't make them. If at least one young person can wake up from one of my pieces, that will be my greatest achievement; to have rescued someone from losing themselves.

HT: Hibiscus Three’s vision is to contribute to expanding published writing by Papua New Guineans, especially PNG women. What are some of your favourite books (or blogs) written by Papua New Guineans?

VN have a variety. I recently finished LLogan's Legacy: Game Changer by Jacqueline Nen who is also my mother. I was curious to read this novel because she started writing this when I was 7years old. I read it and turns out it's one of my favorites. I follow a couple of blogs;Write Now by Florida Gulaseni, Warrior Within by Bronwyn Kili and Becky's World, I also love Tati's Journal by Kollin Taugamu, Scott Waide and Martyn Namarong who are all such skilled writers. I also love books by our older writers such as Sir Paulius Matane, Sir Ignatius Kilage, Sir Vincent Eri, Norah Vagi Brash,etc.

HT: What are your favourite genres to read for inspiration, and help to develop your own writing? Is there anything else that you do to inspire your writing?

VN: I sit by the ocean, mainly as a way to gather my thoughts. I read anything actually from self help books to crime, to fantasy, I'm not picky with what I read and i find inspiration from them all. Mainly most of my ideas come in late at night or when I sit by the ocean. It's as though the ocean speaks to me.

HT: Where can readers and other PNG Writers find you on social media /website?

VN: I am on Instagram using the handle @Vinzealhar. I have a Facebook account under my name as well as a page also under my name that I share my pieces or adventures on. I also am on Twitter and linked in. As for a website, I'm hoping I get around to it sometime in the near future.


Hibiscus Three is delighted to be working alongside Ms.Nen to publish her upcoming book, with Title and Cover reveal happening this weekend! Stay tuned to our website and on Instagram - @hibiscus.three

Wishing the Hibiscus Three community of Writers and readers a safe and blessed Easter weekend.

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