Our 1st year on Instagram

Hibiscus Three celebrates its first year on Instagram (#igbirthday) today!

We appreciate the wonderful Instagram community who follow, encourage, inspire and share the online activities and events delivered by our small independent publishing label for Papua New Guinean Writers. As we take this moment to think about the wonderful Papua New Guinean Writers and readers of Papua New Guinean-authored books whom we’ve met and interacted with online , we’ve had an opportunity to take a look back at Hibiscus Three's various activities d throughout our foundation year in 2020, including:

· Launched our Logo (designed by Instagram account @queeniemadeit )

· Launched our website hibiscusthree.com

· Piloted our first social impact initiative to run in conjunction with the annual global celebration of International Women’s Day – the Hibiscus Three Publishing Award

· Awarded and published the inaugural recipient of the Hibiscus Three Publishing Award 2020, Papua New Guinean Author Ms Thyatira Kaupa

· Published our first Ebook edition title - LISTEN by Thyatira Kaupa . Now available for purchase via amazon.com.au

· Raised AU$30 book royalties through the online sale of Ebook LISTEN by Thyatira Kaupa. As pledged by Hibiscus Three, royalties will be donated to a Papua New Guinean-led literary project. Details will be announced in the coming weeks.

· Announced the second year of Hibiscus Three Publishing Award on November 12, 2020. Submissions for the Hibiscus Three Publishing Award 2021 will close this Tuesday 12 January 2021.

· Launched the Hibiscus Three Essentials merchandise range as an avenue for our operation as a social enterprise, to raise funds toward fulfilling our mission. We were delighted to collaborate with two Papua New Guinean women Creatives/Small Business Owners; kalapua, and Kokomo Industries respectively. The gorgeous, high-quality and functional products created by each Creative have been made available through our online shop, via the Hibiscus Three website. We were thrilled to see our Essentials Case created by kalapua sell out within a few weeks of release! Our Hot Pink Star Studs by Kokomo Industries were released just before Christmas, and are the perfect accessory to see you sparkle in the months ahead in 2021.

Take a look through the photo grid (above) to view a selection of Hibiscus Three’s Instagram content in 2020 .

We thank all our followers and positive engagement with our Instagram account. We look forward to another great year of publishing, promoting and social impact in 2021. Follow Hibiscus Three on Instagram @hibiscus.three .

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