Promoting Hibiscus Three for visibility and wider recognition of our published Authors in PNG

For #MotivationMonday, we look back to earlier this year when Hibiscus Three announced our first social impact initiative - the Hibiscus Three Publishing Award 2020.

Ensuring that a larger audience is informed about Hibiscus Three's specific aim to include more Papua New Guineans in book publishing, is an important step in supporting them to achieve their goal of becoming a published Author. We are encouraged by the opportunities we have had to circulate this information in newspapers in PNG to increase our label's visibility , and subsequently, wider recognition of Papua New Guinean writers who choose to publish their work with Hibiscus Three.

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(pictured is an image (dated 30/01/2020) of an article about the Hibiscus Three submissions deadliine for the Hibiscus Three Publishing Award 2020)

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