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Andrew Kuliniaisi | He is Victor (2020) - PLAY

Haddassha Tabel | Kakara Orukari (2019)) , Who is Richer - SHORT STORY, POETRY

Helen Anderson | Dementia, No Reasoning No Reason - SHORT ESSAY

Thyatira Kaupa | Web of Fabricated Belief (2020) - POETRY

Joyce Apelis Nindivi | Soaring Eagle (2020) - AUTOBIOGRAPHY

Mary Terriette Aseari | Epitome of Beauty and Intelligence (2021) - POETRY

Wallace Neualani Parimahi | Silhouettes in the Distance (2019) - SHORT STIORY

Roberta Tonar | | A Collection of Poetry (2021) - POETRY

Julia Tubang | Poro (2021), Demons (2019) - POETRY

Vinzealhar Nen | You Say We Have Time (2021) - POETRY

Hibiscus Three is delighted with the steady flow of visitors from around the world, who dropped in to our online event, and the overwhelmingly positive feedback about the talent of writing. We're also very exited at the number of Papua New Guinean writers reaching out to enquire how they might share their work with Hibiscus Three. Stay tuned, as we're always creating opportunities to publish and promote writing by Papua New Guineans!

Although Writers Exhibition PNG46 has now come to an end, we look forward to catching up with our featured writers for a #MeetTheWriter chat, and sharing that with the Hibiscus Three community.

Can't wait until then?

1. Check out our Blog to read our #MeAPapuaNewGuineanWriter where we spoke to writers; Betty Wakia, Duncan Gabi, Dr Kirsten McGavin, Betty Chapau, Pearl Walters and Abigail Sete to learn about their creative writing life .

2. Visit our home page to meet Hibiscus Three Authors, Thyatira Kaupa and Vinzealhar Nen.

3. Purchase the Hibiscus Three Publishing Award winning manuscript titles here. (Listen by Thyatira Kaupa (2020), and Memoir of A Wounded Warrior by Vinzealhar Nen )

We look forward to you joining in for the next Hibiscus Three event!


Support the work of Hibiscus Three in publishing and promoting Papua New Guinean writers by visiting our online shop. Our stock features items produced in collaboration with Papua New Guinean creatives. Your purchase will directly contribute to Hibiscus Three's efforts of increasing books published by Papua New Guinean authors. Thank you!

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