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Society is changing. If you have seen changes, you also should write them down like this so your countrymen and women who come after you can read them and appreciate what you have experienced". - 

Ignatius Kilage’s foreword in the opening pages of My Mother Calls me Yaltep , stands as the cornerstone of Hibiscus Three's vision as a Papua New Guinean owned and led,  independent publisher.  Our incredible online community and visitors to our website will note that Kilage's words appear at the base, a #buildingliteraturepng block, of our website's homepage. 

And so, in responding to Kilage's clarion, we take the opportunity to join in with this year's Independence Day celebrations by  sharing the words of ten (10) Papua New Guinean writers who have turned to documenting their experience of the homeland through; play, short story, poetry, autobiography, short essay and spoken word. 

Happy 46th year of Independence, PNG!


Rashmii Bell

Writers Exhibition PNG46 
Hibiscus Three

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